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samedi 9 janvier 2021

  • G3LIV Data Interfaces
    Manufacturers/Interfaces UK based manufacturer of digital mode PC fully isolated interfaces. Includes several types of interfaces including USB interfaces for CW and Digital modes

  • Two friends of mine ......
    are planning some operating events. One on Sunday, the other in February. I'd appreciate if you'd keep an ear open for both of them. Tomorrow - Mark NK8Q in his own words: Due to the NAQP CW contest on Saturday from 1800Z through 0600Z on Sunday I've decided that Sunday would be a better day (...)

vendredi 8 janvier 2021

  • Amateur radio in the news: Wireless and steam museum, Halifax amateurs get on the air, SDR tunes in new world of broadcasting
    Finally, a good reason to visit Rhode Island (just kidding, just kidding)….Dan Wireless Steam Museum reaches out E. GREENWICH, RI – For nearly 60 years, a small sign on Frenchtown Road has led visitors to a historic collection of ancient machines, one of East Greenwich’s best-kept secrets. This (...)

  • QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Team
    “The first QSO Today Expo was a great success with over 16,000 attendees and the March 13-14, 2021 event is anticipated to be even larger. The QSO Expo team has been working hard to make this upcoming Expo even better with new speakers, panel discussions, kit building workshops, and much more. (...)

  • FTDX10 – Top 5 Features
    – Hybrid SDR Configuration Like the FTDX101 series, the new FTDX10 utilizes the Yaesu Hybrid SDR configuration – Narrow Band SDR and Direct Sampling SDR. The Narrow band SDR receiver emphasizes excellent receiver performance, while the Direct Sampling SDR provides a Digital Processing Real-Time (...)

  • 2021 AM Rally Set for First Weekend in February
    The 2021 running of the AM Rally will take place from 0000 UTC on Saturday, February 6 to 0700 UTC on Monday, February 8. The annual AM Rally operating event encourages all operators to explore amateur radio’s original voice mode by showcasing the various types of amplitude modulation equipment (...)

  • FCC Invites Comments on Expanding the Number of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators
    In a January 5 Public Notice, the FCC requested comments on whether the current 14 Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (VECs) are sufficient to facilitate the efforts of their accredited Volunteer Examiners (VEs) in administering amateur radio examinations. The ARRL VEC is the largest of the 14 (...)

  • Happy New Year from RSGB
    The news team and all the staff at RSGB HQ would like to wish our newsreaders, listeners and online readers a very Happy New Year. We would like to remind everyone that we always welcome your news, by email to, and the deadline is 10am sharp on Thursday mornings. The GB2RS (...)

  • Volunteers invited to stand for election
    We’re into the final weeks of the nominations process for the RSGB elections, which will end at 2359UTC on the 31st of January. The Society is looking for its next President as Dave Wilson, M0OBW will retire at the AGM. There is also a place for one elected Board Director. In addition, there are (...)

  • Celebrating 200 years of Greek independence
    To commemorate the 200th anniversary, the Greek Independence Award will run throughout 2021. Anyone can take part and all mode and types of QSO are valid. The website lists a number of award stations.

  • Tonight @ 8 spring programme
    The RSGB’s Tonight @ 8 spring programme starts on Monday, 11 January 2021 with a webinar on amateur radio construction. Steve Hartley, G0FUW and Pete Juliano, N6QW will talk about both hardware and software construction, giving ideas on what to do, how to do it, and why you should try it. For (...)

  • RadCom January 2021, Vol. 97, No. 1
    NHS charity auction: prize-winning Morse key donated for GOTA4C To read this edition, tap or click cover image News and Reports Around Your Region – Club events calendar 86 Around Your Region – Events roundup 90 New products 14 News 12 RSGB Matters 6 Special Interest Groups News 16 Regulars (...)

  • Consultation publique sur la directive CEM (EMCD/2014/30/UE)
  • Station QO-100 active vers l’Antarctique
    Station satellite portable active pendant le voyage en Antarctique Une station de radio amateur portable pour le satellite géostationnaire QO-100 est active depuis le brise-glace FS Polarstern lors de son voyage vers l’Antarctique AMSAT-DL rapporte: Une station satellite portable pour le (...)

  • L’Ouzbékistan rejoint 5 MHz
    L’Ouzbékistan rejoint 5 MHz Des informations proviennent de Fedor, UK9AA, de Radio Amateurs of Ouzbékistan, pour nous dire que l’autorisation a été reçue pour les titulaires de licence ouzbeks de catégorie 1 d’exploiter dans la nouvelle allocation secondaire WRC-15 Amateur 60m de 5351,5 – 5366,5 kHz (...)

  • ICOM antenne automatique AH-705 HF/50 MHz
    ICOM annonce le tuner d’antenne automatique AH-705 HF / 50 MHz Icom a annoncé les détails de son prochain tuner d’antenne automatique portable pour l’IC-705. L’ AH-705 est un tuner d’antenne portable de la taille d’une paume qui a été conçu pour fonctionner entre les bandes de 1,8 à 50 MHz. Il peut être (...)

  • 10M cpte rendu s1/2021 par Tony G4CJC
    DX le plus populaire (trois contacts ou plus, n’importe quel mode) Lundi DX: OY6BEC / B, MM0TFU, LA5TEN / B, PI75VERON, OY1CT, OY6BEC, DG1AAE, ZS6WAB / B, V51WH, PD5S / B, MM0ZBH, DL0IGI / B, AO50UPC, ZS6DN / B, WD8WAY / B, SK , RK6FP, PY3WW, PU5BOY, PU1JSV, OZ7IGY / B, N8II, N1EK, MM0GOR, (...)

  • ImHex – L’éditeur Hexa qui n’abime pas votre vue
    Si vous aimez le reverse engineering, vous avez sûrement déjà tous vos outils sur l’ordinateur, mais connaissez vous ImHex ? Il s’agit d’un logiciel pour Linux et Windows qui permet d’analyser les binaires en vue hexa, d’extraire et de rechercher les chaînes de caractère, de patcher ci ou là votre … (...)

  • Ferrite Shop
    Shopping and Services/Electronic Components Ferrite-shop is an on-line shop for ferrite toroids, cable cores and cable clamps based in The Netherlands

  • The R860 will replace the R820T2 – Same chip different name
    We have recently received samples and tested the new R860 tuner chip from Rafael Micro. However, to be clear there is no change in terms of silicon or performance between the R820T2 and the R860. It is just a change in name signifying a minor change in the manufacturing chain which has allowed (...)

  • SignalsEverywhere: A Front End GUI Control Head for OP25
    Sarah from the SignalsEverywhere YouTube channel is back and this time showing off a new program she has created called "Pi25" or "OP25 Mobile Control Head". The program is a Python GUI for OP25 which runs on almost any platform including Android and Windows. OP25 is an advanced open source (...)

  • Frugal Radio: SDR Guide Ep 9 – P25 LSM Trunking with one RTL-SDR V3 and DSDPlus
    In his latest episode of his SDR Guide series Rob from Frugal Radio provides a walkthrough on using DSDPlus Fastlane to decode trunked P25 with just one RTL-SDR V3 dongle. In the video he explains each of the various DSDPlus windows, and demonstrates decoding of a Simulcast system in his area. (...)

jeudi 7 janvier 2021

  • Do we need more Volunteer Examiner Coordinators?
    Yesterday, one of the hams I follow on Twitter posted a link to FCC Public Notice DA-21-9, titled, “WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU SEEKS INPUT ON EXPANDING THE NUMBER OF AMATEUR OPERATOR LICENSE VOLUNTEER EXAMINER COORDINATORS” (all caps theirs). The first paragraph concludes, “The Bureau (...)

  • Civility in Ham Radio: The Amateur’s Code
    The Amateur’s Code was written in 1928 and very much applies today. Let’s take a look at the Code and how it can improve civility in our hobby and on the air. The post Civility in Ham Radio: The Amateur’s Code appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio (...)

  • Idée balise nouvelle génération
    Le kit émetteur Ultimate3S QRSS/WSPR fait partie de la trilogie des kits QRSS/WSPR "Ultimate". Il peut produire des modes de signal lent QRSS, Hell, WSPR, Opera et PI4 entre 2200 m et 2 m et même des bandes de 222 MHz. Les filtres LPF enfichables sont disponibles pour les 16 bandes HF / (...)

  • QO-100 : le satellite inespéré
    Depuis les tout premiers défilants, l’AMSAT a fait d’immenses pas en avant et, grâce à sa reconnaissance internationale et aux liens tissés avec les opérateurs de satellites et les lanceurs, nous pouvons depuis février 2019, communiquer en passant par ce satellite situé sur l’orbite géosynchrone, à la (...)

  • Icom IC-705 PAT Winlink Setup et Raspberry Pi
  • Ham Nation
  • Beatsy – Visualiser de la musique en réalité augmentée
    Beatsy est une application iOS qui permet de modifier votre environnement en utilisant votre voix ou de la musique. Vous pouvez appliquer l’effet sur une surface horizontale ou verticale, changer les effets de lumière, augmenter ou réduire la taille des waveforms, Ça ne sert pas à grand chose mais (...)

  • Improve your Antennas for Low Solar Activity
    Antennas/Theory How to improve your transmitting antennas for very low solar activity periods, vertically polarized 160 meter antennas, horizontally polarized 80 to 10 meter antennas, single or stacked yagis, multi-tower stations

mercredi 6 janvier 2021

  • Who are the top ten figures in the history of amateur radio?
    I’m working with an author who is working on amateur radio reference book. It will have a glossary of terms, a list of Q-signals, and some other good stuff. Yesterday, he sent me a link to the Wikipedia page for Samuel Morse, the inventor of the Morse Code. He asked, “Would this be useful? Can (...)

  • VOEUX 2021 de RAF, associations, amis …
    Cet article VOEUX 2021 de RAF, associations, amis … est apparu en premier sur Radioamateurs France.

  • Does Off-Grid Solar Energy Interfere With Ham Radio?
    “A lot of viewers asked to see how bad the interference was on my receive when my RV is running off-grid with solar only. In this video I was actually only several feet away from the system, however I can see the noise even 300 yards away. It’s only this terrible when you are right […] The post (...)

  • Icom IC-705 PAT Winlink Setup | Ham Radio Raspberry Pi
    “Hello Operators Todays video is a Ham Radio Raspberry Pi tutorial for the Icom IC-705 and eventually other radios. We will be using a new setup script call the Easy Mode setup for PAT Winlink running on a raspberry pi. This raspberry pi project will be the fastest and easiest version of PAT (...)

  • Yaesu FTdx10 Unboxing
    ML&S display the very first unboxing of the FTdx10 in the United Kingdom. As the U.K’s only official Yaesu independent factory appointed distributor, Martin & his team do a first run through of this all important new Hybrid SDR HF+6+4 sibling from its FTdx101 big dadd The post Yaesu (...)

  • HF Antennas for Beginners: Tuesdays with Tim and Jeff
    “We are bringing in 2021 with Tuesdays with Tim, K3LR and Jeff,KB8ZWT discussing HF antennas. Did you recently upgrade from tech to general? Than you wont want to be this weeks episode!” The post HF Antennas for Beginners: Tuesdays with Tim and Jeff appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio (...)

    In this video we’ll show you how to use your computer, SDR dongle and some free software to add a panadapter display to your older, non-display HF transceiver. The post USING AN RTL-SDR AS A PANADAPTER WITH AN AUTOMATIC ANTENNA SWITCHER appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio (...)

  • Création de composants/librairie schématique
    Une nouvelle série de vidéos sur l'apprentissage du logiciel de conception de circuits imprimés Altium Designer. Dans cette vidéo, je vous présente comment faire la création de composants personnalisés et comment créer vos propres librairies. On fait la création du LM555 à partir de la fiche (...)

  • Automatic HF Antenna Tuner with Arduino
    Technical Reference/Arduino Make and automatic antenna tuner based on Arduino and using economic card. This ATU Project can be installed outdoors and controlled remotely by an rs485 link

  • SOPS – Le gestionnaire de mots de passe des devOps
    SOPS est un outil en ligne de commande proposé par Mozilla qui permet de chiffrer des fichiers contenant ce qu’on appelle des « secrets », c’est-à-dire pour les développeurs, des clés API, noms d’utilisateurs, mots de passe, ce genre de trucs pour les devOps. Voici une démo de la bestiole : Grâce … (...)

  • Using an RTL-SDR as a Panadapter with an Automatic Antenna Switcher
    Over on YouTube "Gadget Talk" has uploaded a useful video showing how he set up an RTL-SDR V3 based panadapter system to use with his traditional amateur radio. The setup involves utilizing an antenna switcher which allows him to transmit with the RTL-SDR connected to the same antenna. The (...)

  • Tech Minds: Decoding Orbcomm Satellites with a Software Defined Radio
    Over on his YouTube channel TechMinds has uploaded a new video showing how to decode signals from Orbcomm satellites. Orbcomm run a global network of low earth orbit satellites that perform services such as Internet of Things (IoT), Machine 2 Machine (M2M) communications, asset tracking, (...)

mardi 5 janvier 2021

  • Yaesu FT-DX10 And Icom IC-7300, Side By Side Comparisons
    “This is an unofficial side by side comparison of the 2 receivers while incorporating the noise reduction and filtering features of the two. I am greatly surprised at the level of DNR and clarity of the Yaesu receiver. Noisy signals can be almost completely cleaned up with enough filtering (...)

  • Vidéo, réception écoutées en HF mode AM
    Vidéo de réception des Radios que l’on peut écouter sur la bande HF en mode AM Vidéo : Cet article Vidéo, réception écoutées en HF mode AM est apparu en premier sur Radioamateurs France.

  • Vidéo, Présentation RRF Réseau Répéteurs Francophone.
    Présentation du RRF Réseau des Répéteurs Francophone. Vidéo : F8DSN a réalisé cette vidéo, présentant simplement le fonctionnement du réseau RRF et l’assemblage du hotspot spotnik avec la µSVXcard et la µDRAcard Présentation du RRF Réseau des Répéteurs Francophone. Présentation (...)

  • Les Quadrantides en mode MSK144
    Les Quadrantides en mode MSK144 Période d’activité : du 28 Décembre au 12 Janvier et maximum le 04 Janvier Longitude solaire (lambda) : 283.16° position du radiant au moment du maximum ascension droite (alpha) : 230° déclinaison (delta) : +49° Vitesse (en km/s) : 41 ZHR : 120 (peut varier ~60-200) (...)

  • Du Yukon à la Finlande: le signal de CBC entendu
    Du Yukon à la Finlande: le signal radio de CBC entendu de loin La SRC du Canada rapporte qu’une émission de radio AM à 560 kHz de CBC Yukon a été entendue à 7 000 km en Finlande. Jorma Mäntylä vit à Kangasala, en Finlande. Le 15 octobre, il scrutait les ondes et est tombé sur le ... Cet article Du Yukon (...)

  • RadCom January 2021, Vol. 97, No. 1
    NHS charity auction: prize-winning Morse key donated for GOTA4C To read this edition, tap or click cover image News and Reports Around Your Region – Club events calendar 86 Around Your Region – Events roundup 90 New products 14 News 12 RSGB Matters 6 Special Interest Groups News 16 Regulars (...)

  • As if I don't have enough kits to build
    I went and purchased a Pixie. Just to play around with and maybe experiment a little with. It was under $10, so if I FUBAR it while experimenting, I won't shed a tear. I also procured some crystals for 7.040 MHz. I need to get back into the swing of kit building again. So many to build, so (...)

  • ICOM 705, Sending/Receiving Email At 5 Watts, 40 Meters With Chameleon F-Loop 2.0, VARA HF
    Using my new Icom IC-705 at 5 watts on the porch of my RV to connect to a Vara HF Winlink node 693km away on 40 meters, using the Cha Floop 2.0 magnetic loop and the balcony mount also made by Chameleon. The post ICOM 705, Sending/Receiving Email At 5 Watts, 40 Meters With Chameleon F-Loop (...)