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mardi 27 juillet 2021

  • Antennas and Connectors!
    Dave, KB2UBO, has two questions… One about Whether a ZS6BKW could/should be used in an inverted V? Another about Wheather to crimp or solder connectors? The post Antennas and Connectors! appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio (...)

  • Setting up your DBV-S2 Decoder for QO-100 (Eshail-2) on Linux
    Setting up your DBV-S2 Decoder for QO-100 (Eshail-2) on Linux. I wanted to decode DBV-S2 signals on my Ubuntu Linux and here is my instillation details to make it work. Here is a 333k DBV-S2 signal decoding Video (MSI sdr)rx_sdr -f 747007200 -g 19 -s 2400000 - |./leandvb --gui --inpipe 32000000 (...)

  • Comment faire une analyse forensic d’un smartphone pour y détecter des signes d’infection ?
    Votre smartphone contient-il un logiciel espion ou un malware ?

  • USB Rig Interface
    Technical Reference/Sound Card Radio Interfacing This project is a USB Audio, Serial and PTT interface for rigs that does not directly support digital modes provided by applications such as FLDIGI, WSJT-X and JS8CALL. Plug these interface devices into your Windows or Linux laptop or Raspbian (...)

  • BSides Talk: Hacking RF Breaking what we can’t see
    Over on YouTube the BSides Halifax channel has uploaded a recent talk given by Security Engineer Grant Colgan titled "Hacking RF Breaking what we can't see". In the talk Grant first shows the various bits of wireless devices that he tests, as well as the receiver equipment that he uses which (...)

lundi 26 juillet 2021

  • Mechanical Issues with EFHW Antenna
    “Rolf, KE1Y, has a EFHW 80 – 10 and it’s wire has broken near the loading coil. He wants to know if there is a better way to have the loading coil so it would be so likely to break and Dave’s view of the EFHW.” The post Mechanical Issues with EFHW Antenna appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio (...)

  • ISS. Prochaines passages visibles. Du 26 Juillet au 1er aout 2021.
    Cliquer sur le lien ci-après : SeeISS

  • 17-24/7/2021, 201 ”pays DXCC” étaient actifs.
    17 juillet au samedi 24 juillet 2021, 201 ”pays DXCC” étaient actifs. 3A, 3B8, 3D2, 3W, 4J, 4L, 4O, 4S, 4U1U, 4X, 5B, 5H, 5N, 5R, 5T, 5W, 5X, 5Z, 6Y, 7X, 8P, 8Q, 8R, 9A, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9M2, 9M6, 9N, 9V, 9Y, A4, A5, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C3, C6, ... Cet article 17-24/7/2021, 201 ”pays DXCC” (...)

  • Pluie de météores Alpha Capricornide
    Pluie de météores Alpha Capricornide 25/7/2021 Si vous voyez une lente boule de feu dans le ciel de minuit la semaine prochaine, il s’agit probablement d’un alpha Capricornide. La pluie annuelle, qui provient de la comète 169P/NEAT, est sur le point de culminer avec 5 à 9 météores brillants par (...)

  • Les signaux FCC FM CB seront autorisés sur 27 MHz
    Les signaux FCC FM CB seront autorisés sur 27 MHz 63 ans après l’introduction de la catégorie D 27 MHz AM CB Radio la FCC a accepté de permettre la FM De FCC Note Avis et ordonnance sur WT reconsidération Docket No. 10-119, publié le 15 Juillet, 2021: Qu’est – ce que le protocole et avis Une ordonnance (...)

  • JA1TOKYO jusqu’au 5/9/2021
    Le 16 Juillet JARL a ouvert la station commémorative spéciale « JA1 TOKYO » à Nishitokyo City, Tokyo, pour commémorer les Jeux olympiques et paralympiques de Tokyo 2020 qui se tiendra le 23 Juillet 2021 Après la cérémonie d’ouverture de « JA1TOKYO », un opérateur en charge a été attribué à chaque bande (...)

  • Rapport de propagation par ZS6BZP, 25/7/2021
    Rapport de propagation de Hannes ZS6BZP, 25 juillet 2021 Hannes ZS6BZP, rapporte que l’activité solaire devrait être à de faibles niveaux. Il existe actuellement diverses régions de taches solaires avec des configurations magnétiques simples visibles et aucune activité majeure de torchage solaire (...)

  • Télécharger des animes en ligne de commande
    Comment télécharger des animés en ligne de commande

  • Comment préparer la dernière clé USB de votre vie ?
    Comment préparer la dernière clé USB de votre vie ?

  • Elektro-L3 Geostationary Weather Satellite: Easy to Receive LRIT Signal Being Tested
    Back in September 2020 we posted about the release of an X-Band decoder for the Elektro-L2 and Elektro-L3 Russian geostationary satellites. These satellites are receivable from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Unlike the HRIT and LRIT L-band transmissions from (...)

  • Decoding HFDL ACARS with a WebSDR and PC-HFDL
    In the previous episode Rob from the Frugal Radio YouTube channel showed us how to decode HF ACARS using PC-HFDL and an HF capable SDR such as the Airspy HF+. In that episode he mentioned that it is possible to decode HF ACARS using a WebSDR as well. In this weeks episode, Rob shows us (...)

  • Automatic Position Reporting System for HF
    Operating Modes/APRS A basic introductionto APRS on HF Bands for radioamateurs and how to setup an APRS tracker using Argent Data Systems T3 Mini TNC device, configured and assemble ready for portable operations.

  • FOBB 2021
    The weather held out, although it was mostly overcast, with some breaks of sun - and hot and kind of muggy. I'm not sure what the humidity was, but it had to have been up there.. No records of any sort were set - only ten Bee stations and two POTA stations worked in the time that I put into the (...)

dimanche 25 juillet 2021

  • JA1TOKYO – Olympic Games
    Olympic Games – JA1TOKYOOn July 16 JARL opened the special commemorative station ‘JA1 TOKYO‘ in Nishitokyo City, Tokyo, to commemorate the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games being held from July 23 After the opening ceremony of “JA1TOKYO”, an operator in charge was assigned to each band for (...)

  • Migrer de Windows 10 à Windows 11 avant sa sortie officielle
    Comment migrer de Windows 10 à Windows 11 même quand ton ordi n'est pas compatible

  • Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2128
    160m Spitfire Antenna, Portable HF Antenna Options , Kenwood Ts590 v Elecraft K3, FTdx3000 Information pages, Kantronics TNC Wiring, USB to Serial Drivers by PROLIFIC, PC programming cable for Kenwood TH-F7E

  • Speech synthesiser for FT-817
    Technical Reference/Arduino This construction project is for anyone wanting to give this popular little radio a voice of its own. This Speech synthesiser reads out the current frequency, mode and menu settings whenever they are changed via the front-panel (...)

samedi 24 juillet 2021

vendredi 23 juillet 2021

  • NRC Net to close
    As life returns, we hope, to a degree of normality, the regular weekday National Radio Centre net will cease. Instead, at 10.30am on 3.737MHz an informal gathering will take place for those that want to call in and have a QSO. The RSGB would like to thank Nigel, G4RWI, who ran the NRC 80m net (...)

  • DARC reports survey results
    The German national society (DARC) has published the results of the amateur radio survey they conducted for the IARU. They had 550 respondents. The results are available via the DARC website, in German. There are some similarities with the RSGB’s survey, as well as opinions on FT8 and (...)

  • RadCom Basics – July 2021 edition now out
    We are pleased to announce the July 2021 edition of RadCom Basics is now available at In this edition you can read about split frequency operation, and more on logging and eLog, amongst other subjects. Check out all the topics covered by new and familiar (...)

  • RadCom August 2021, Vol. 97, No. 8
    Yaesu FTdx10 HF+6m+4m – Good value and top-class performance says Peter Hart, G3SJX To read this edition, tap or click cover image News and Reports Around Your Region – Club events calendar 84 Around Your Region – Events roundup 88 New products 15 News 12 RSGB Matters 6 Special Interest Groups (...)

  • The K7RA Solar Update
    Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: It’s exciting to observe increasing sunspot activity. Recently Solar Cycle 25 produced new sunspots frequently, and I watch them pop up every day on New sunspots emerged on July 14, 16, 17, 19 and 20, and two new ones appeared on July 21. When (...)

  • RadCom Basics – July 2021 edition now out
    We are pleased to announce the July 2021 edition of RadCom Basics is now available at Check out the topics covered by new and familiar contributors—whether you’re new to the hobby, or returning and looking to brush up on the basics, there’s some great help here. We (...)

  • Comment regarder plusieurs chaînes Twitch en même temps ?
    Comment se cramer le cerveau en regardant plusieurs chaînes Twitch en même temps ?

    Beginning 2022 EZNEC will be released to the public domain and become free of cost and can be freely copied and distributed.

  • Operating AMTOR
    Operating Modes/Amtor Putting one of those old modems back into use.AMTOR is an acronym for AMateur Teleprinting Over Radio and was mostly used on HF. The mode is based on the marine SITOR code that was introduced to amateur radio by Peter, G3PLX. The mode is an enhancement of RTTY with active (...)

  • ARRL Board pulls the “old switcheroo”
    Today, the ARRL announced that Kermit Carlson, W9XA, has resigned as Central Division director, and that Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA, the Central Division vice director, has been appointed to replace him. In other words, the ARRL board is pulling the old switcheroo on its Central Division (...)

  • AO-109 (RadFxSat-2/AMSAT Fox-1E) désormais ouvert à un usage amateur.
    L’équipe technique AMSAT ont annoncé que AO-109 (RadFxSat-2/AMSAT Fox-1E) est désormais ouvert à un usage amateur. AMSAT conseille aux opérateurs d’utiliser des modes efficaces pour établir des contacts, tels que CW ou FT4, car les problèmes avec le satellite rendent les contacts vocaux SSB « au mieux (...)

jeudi 22 juillet 2021

  • Massachusetts Court Okays Amateur Radio Tower, Citing Board of Appeals’ Error
    A judge in the Massachusetts Land Court has ruled that the Zoning Board of Appeals in the City of Framingham “erred” in revoking a building permit for an 80-foot ham radio tower as an accessory use. The Building Commissioner in Framingham had granted ARRL member Mikhail “Misha” Filippov, KD1MF, a (...)

  • RG8X No-Name Coax, You Need To Be Careful, Jim W6LG Shows What Happened To 100 Feet Of Gray Coax
    Jim Heath W6LG shows what happened to RG8X that had 1500 applied. Watch the subsequent episodes for more information about coax. The post RG8X No-Name Coax, You Need To Be Careful, Jim W6LG Shows What Happened To 100 Feet Of Gray Coax appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio (...)

  • FCC Investigating Alleged “Jamming” on 40 Meters
    Reports suggest that jamming stations have been deployed on the lower portion of 40 meters. The jamming appears to be coming from Cuba. The signals, spaced at regular intervals, exhibit a squishy, popping noise. The apparent jamming showed up after anti-government protesters took to the streets (...)

  • Operating Notes: Celebrating my 50th year as a ham in the mountains of VA
    Last weekend, I celebrated my 66th birthday and my 50th anniversary as a ham (my first licensed was dated July 16, 1971, my 16th birthday), at my in-laws place in Afton, VA. Afton’s a beautiful spot. It’s up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Shenandoah National Park, and while it was very hot (...)

  • Audio and visual of Cuba jamming 40M, making it to OH
    Audio and visual of Cuba jamming 40M, making it to OH Audio and visual of Cuba jamming 40M, making it to OH. #hamradio — Hammock Radio – K8TSG (@K8TSG) July 16, 2021 The post Audio and visual of Cuba jamming 40M, making it to OH appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio (...)

  • To Resonate or Not to Resonate?
    Ben, K0ABR, simply asks Is resonate better than non resonate antenna? The post To Resonate or Not to Resonate? appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio News.

  • Weather outlook for Sunday
    The weather outlook for the weekend is 50/50. You have to know that since FOBB is Sunday, the weather prognosticators are calling for Saturday to be the better weather day of the two. Of course, just my luck! And of course, as it's only Wednesday, all this could change between now and then. So (...)

  • Passages I.S.S. du 22 juillet au 1 aout 2021
    Cliquer sur ce lien : SeeISS 73 à tous F3CJ Joël

  • IOTA eu107 TM7P 23-27/7/2021
    Gil F4FET et Antoine F5RAB seront TM7P depuis Petite île (IOTA EU107) du 23 au 27 juillet. 80/40/20/15/10/6/2m en SSB, CW, RTTY et FT8. Ils participeront au contest IOTA (24-25 juillet) Cet article IOTA eu107 TM7P 23-27/7/2021 est apparu en premier sur Radioamateurs (...)

  • Comment apprendre à écrire en sténographie ?
    Apprendre la sténographie avec cet outil gratuit.

  • The G4AON SSB Transmitter
    Technical Reference/HF Radios This transmitter covers the 160, 80, 40 and 20 metre bands and provides both SSB and properly generated CW. The CW side of this transmitter is not compromised and produces excellent CW. On SSB the audio has been tailored to provide a rising response to 3 KHz, with (...)

mercredi 21 juillet 2021

  • RESOLVED – Electrical issue at RSGB HQ
    UPDATE 22/07/2021 09.30 The power issue affecting the server room has now been resolved and systems are back to normal. All emails sent to the RSGB yesterday should now have been delivered—there is no need to resend any emails. If you are a non-Office 365 email user, you will now be able to log (...)

  • Volunteer radio operators to the rescue in Belgian floods
    July 2021: Brabant Wallon’s Emergency Radio Network volunteers stepped in when the Police building in Wavre, Belgium – including its Tetra antenna and computers – was left completely underwater. In December 2015, Emily Hough interviewed Gilles Mahieu, Governor of Brabant Wallon, Philippe Vos De (...)

  • FCC Investigating Whether Cuban Government Is Jamming HAM Radio
    by Matthew Gault The federal government is investigating mysterious signals coming from Havana that are jamming popular frequencies. HAM radio operators in Florida have said that Cuba is jamming radio frequencies that prevent them from communicating with operators in the country since (...)