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dimanche 20 janvier 2019

  • Restructuing ARRL dues
    On reddit, someone recently brought up the lack of ARRL student dues. There is a $25 “youth membership,” but you have to jump through hoops to take advantage of it. The web page says, Must be 21 years old or younger AND the oldest licensed Amateur in the household. Please call ARRL directly to (...)

  • HF-MT Dummy Load by VK2KVV
    Technical Reference/Dummy Loads A handy piece of test equipment useful for HF bands, can absorb a 200W modulated carrier for almost 2 minutes. It is housed in a tin and part filled with dry sand that helps in power dissipation

  • AMSAT Celebrates 50th Birthday:
    AMSAT's 50th anniversary will be celebrated with AMSAT-DL special event call sign DL50AMSAT. The station will be on the air from Saxony on the Czech Republic border via satellites only, and will debut this weekend.

  • Voice Of America Museum Sets 75th Anniversary Events:
    The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting will celebrate the 75th anniversary of West Chester Township's Bethany Station with yearlong programs highlighted by a presentation by VOA White House Bureau Chief Steve Herman on March 6. Events include a talk by Rod Serling biographer (...)

  • SDMA Organizes Workshop on Disaster Risk Communication:
    The State Disaster Management Authority in collaboration with Jhelum and Tawi Flood Recovery Project today organised a sensitisation programme on Disaster Risk Communication through ham radios here at Institute of Hotel Management, Rajbagh. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Raghav said that the (...)

  • Nouvelles de la station orbitale I.S.S.
    ISS et son nouveau module packet. -*- Le nouveau module packet AX-25 est arrivé sur ISS par le ravitaillement de Novembre. Dès 2019 lorsque le nouvel équipage aura un peu de temps libre, Dan Barstow, KA1ARD, responsable de la formation au Laboratoire national de l’ISS ( CASIS ), donnera ses (...)

samedi 19 janvier 2019

  • Dans les coulisses du Centre de transmissions ultra secret de la Marine de Rosnay
  • Eclipse de Lune du 21 janvier 2019
    Dans la nuit du dimanche 20 au lundi 21 janvier 2019, en deuxième partie de nuit, aura lieu une éclipse totale de Lune. C’est un phénomène parfaitement observable à l’oeil nu ou avec des jumelles ou un petit instrument. Une éclipse de Lune se produit lorsque la Lune passe dans l’ombre de la Terre, (...)

  • Emergency Grid Down Communications Winter Edition
    “Hello Operators Extreme weather and grid down disasters seem to be happening more often, and with greater intensity. More often than not, when we organize off grid emergency communications training with our portable radio gear, it usually takes place in fair weather conditions. What about (...)

  • DIY Yaesu Data Cable
    Technical Reference/Radio Programming Cable A homemade data cable for the Yaesu FT-2D made with a a simple USB-RS232 converter with pl2303 chipset

  • Ham Radio Operators Keep Interest Strong In Long Beach:
    LONG BEACH, CA -- A big earthquake could take down power poles or cell phone service, but there is one mode of communication that always works, and a group in Long Beach is trying to keep it alive. Mark Chung is a ham radio operator. The equipment he uses could fit on a small desk. Chung could (...)

  • Connecting to the Magic of Wireless with Ham Radio:
    The Moapa Valley Amateur Radio Club will be offering testing for those interested in obtaining their Technician license; or in upgrading an existing license; on Saturday January 19. Testing will take place at the Old Logandale School at 3011 N Moapa Valley Blvd beginning at 10:00 AM. Those (...)

  • West Kootenay Radio Club Says Local Network in Need of Upgrades:
    Lane Wilson has a habit of drawing attention to himself on camping trips. While others are sitting by the fire, Wilson will climb a tree searching for a clear line of sight. "I'll set an antenna 120 feet in a tree and people ask me how I get it up there." Wilson is president of the (...)

  • Satellite : Cette réception réelle, pose problème. Celles-ci ne sont peut être pas d’origine Om.
    Es’hail-2 et réception Balise -*- Es’hail-2. La balise « CQ CQ de ES2HAIL » a été reçue par plusieurs stations sur 10489,653681 MHz. Le 16 janvier DD1US a pu recevoir le signal à 12h49 TU. Mais il semble qu’il y ai une confusion, toujours est-il présentement, cette réception réelle, pose problème. (...)

vendredi 18 janvier 2019

  • New ARRL CEO addresses Ham Radio University
     On January 5, 2019, Howard Michel, WB2ITX, the new ARRL CEO was the keynote speaker at Ham Radio University. I’d urge you to watch the whole video. I think you’ll see why I support our new CEO. If you can’t watch the whole thing, here is the TL;DW (too lazy, didn’t watch) version. Right […] The (...)

  • Les liens de la semaine 3
    Je poste pas mal de liens sur Twitter / Facebook depuis des années, et je trouve dommage que tout cela ne vous profite pas si vous ne me suivez pas sur les médias sociaux. Alors pour remédier à cela, je vais publier ces liens régulièrement ici. Disons en fin de … (...)

  • Pour faire des économies d’eau…
    Grâce à la magie de la sérendipité, je suis tombé sur cette vidéo du Youtubeur Barnabé qui est spécialisé en tutos bricolage sur sa chaine. Et dans cette vidéo qui a retenu mon attention, il explique comment avec une pièce de 2 centimes, il réduit le débit d’eau de sa … (...)

  • "Oh, the weather outside is frightful!"
    Well ...... not right now; but it will be. We've had some snow showers this morning, which have not amounted to much more than a nuisance as I had to deal with a bunch of idiot drivers this morning on the commute into work. The BAD weather is supposed to hit tomorrow afternoon into Sunday (...)

  • Showcase radio in British Science Week
    British Science Week runs from 8 to 15 March 2019 and is a fantastic opportunity to showcase radio communications in the 21st century to young people. The RSGB is encouraging clubs to develop relationships with their local school or community group. The theme for this year is ‘journeys’. Ideas (...)

  • Prepare for Thinking Day on the Air
    Thinking Day on the Air 2019 will take place over the weekend of 16 and 17 February 2019. A list of known stations is available from There is a form on the page for stations to submit their details to be added to the list, and an IO group for exchanging details or (...)

  • AMSAT celebrates 50th birthday
    AMSAT’s 50th anniversary will be celebrated with AMSAT-DL special event call sign DL50AMSAT. The station will be on the air from Saxony on the Czech Republic border via satellites only, and will debut this weekend. Track the event on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag (...)

  • 2019 bandplans now available
    The latest versions of the UK band plans have been published. RSGB Members will receive a copy within the February edition of RadCom, and the information is freely downloadable from

  • Two more Convention videos online
    Two more 2018 RSGB Convention videos are now available for Members to view on the RSGB website. Convention favourite Ian White, GM3SEK can be seen speaking about VHF baluns, where he takes a critical look at some long-established methods for feeding Yagi antennas and identifying a new list of (...)

  • mStream – Un serveur de streaming léger et puissant pour écouter votre musique depuis n’importe où
    Si vous voulez vous monter votre petit serveur de streaming musical à la maison, afin de pouvoir écouter votre musique de n’importe où, vous connaissez sans doute déjà : Koel Soundscape Subsonic Mais connaissez-vous mStream ? Ce serveur de streaming a l’avantage d’être cross-platform (OSX, Ubuntu, (...)

  • Comment bloquer la mise à jour des drivers sous Windows 10 ?
    Windows 10 est super, notamment en ce qui concerne la gestion de ses mises à jour. Et en plus des correctifs traditionnels, celui-ci met également à jour les pilotes pour votre matériel. Et c’est vraiment bien. Toutefois dans certains cas un peu particuliers, vous souhaiterez peut-être bloquer la (...)

  • New Technical Requirements in Bulgaria
    Today, January 18th, New Technical Requirements has been published from Bulgarian Ministry of Communication. Thanks to the great commitment of BFRA now Bulgarian Amateurs have obtained some important changes : – Removed the age limit for the acquisition of Class 2 license (VHF and UHF with a (...)

  • 19 et 20/01/2019, TM66BLM par F6KBR (66)
    Le RadioClub de Perpignan F6KBR, trafiquera avec l’indicatif Spécial TM66BLM à l’occasion de la venue du BELEM à Port-Vendres. Le BELEM est un des plus anciens trois-mâts en Europe, dernier des grands voiliers de commerce français du 19ème siècle en état de navigation. Il est aussi le second plus grand (...)

  • 20/01/2019, AG de l’ARAG/32
    AG de l’ARAG/32 Association des Radioamateurs de Gascogne Le 20 janvier restaurant de l’aérodrome à Auch 10 h 00.

  • Radioamateurs indonésiens sur 136 kHz, 472 kHz et 5 MHz
    Les radioamateurs indonésiens obtiennent de nouvelles bandes dont 5 MHz Selon ORARI, de nouvelles réglementations pour les radios amateurs indonésiennes ont été publiées avec de nouvelles bandes à 136 kHz, 472 kHz et 5 MHz Le ministère des Communications et de la Technologie de l’information de la (...)

  • IC-9700, lancement au Royaume-Uni !
    Émetteur-récepteur amateur SDR VHF / UHF / 1200 MHz IC-9700, mise à jour pour le lancement au Royaume-Uni! Icom UK a eu la chance d’avoir un échantillon technique de l’ émetteur-récepteur SDR amateur VHF / UHF de station de base IC-9700 de Icom Inc. à évaluer pendant une courte période. Jusqu’à présent, (...)

  • Trafic sur 10 mètres semaine passée, infos g4cjc
    DX le plus populaire ( deux contacts ou plus, n’importe quel mode) Lundi DX: 5K6RM, YJ0AFU, WN2A / B, WB0BIN / B, WA3FNC / B, W1LQJ, W0RXC, VO1NE, N2UHC / B, KJ4LEG, KJ3P / B, KB5UNX, K5BJC, K5BJC, K5WKH, KKWKH, KKWL, K5WX, K5WJ, VK, NGU, NGU, NGU / B, 4S7VG. Mardi DX: WA6APQ / B, 4U1UN, ZL1BRL, (...)

  • Es’hail-2 live ! TRANSPONDER TESTS
    Es’hail 2 was launched last November and it is the first geostationary satellite to contain an amateur radio transponder. The satellite is positioned at 25.5°E which is over Africa. It’s reception footprint covers Africa, Europe, the Middle East, India, eastern Brazil and the west half of (...)

  • Propagation Forecast Bulletin #03 de K7RA:
    No sunspots seen since January 6, so average daily sunspot numbers declined from 7.7 to 0 for the current reporting week, January 10-16. Average daily solar flux dropped from 71.6 to 69.4 over the same period. Average daily planetary A index went from 7.4 to 4.9, and average mid-latitude A (...)

  • Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2151:
    The following is a QST. Another Navajo Code Talker has died. Hams in New York help save a historic library -- and a family of Florida amateurs asks the community for help. All this and more as Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2151 comes your way right (...)

  • NewsWest for Sunday, 20 January 2019:
    This week is all about new amateurs. We welcome those new to the hobby and have suggestions of how to enter at foundation level or to improve your privileges and responsibilities. Bob brings you the latest epistle in his new hams segment. There's an update on the 2 by 1 callsign matter. A VK6 (...)

  • Using the FT-817 with the RM K300P RF AMP
    Radio Equipment/HF Transceivers/Yaesu FT-817 Direct experience of portable operations of the FT-817 transceiver by Yaesu and the small power amplifier by RM Italy with 300W output

  • Foundations of Amateur Radio #189:
    In 2017 a new digital amateur mode called FT8 joined the ranks of inventions related to our hobby. Since then it's taken the amateur world by storm, filled the bands with contacts and attracted a strong following among radio amateurs across the planet. Making contacts with low solar cycle (...)

  • Virtual Elmer Live stream 01/19/19!
    This stream we're going to finish up the Tetrode board build by G3SEK. We'll go over what's left to start building the desktop kilowatt amp.

  • When the Cellphones Stop Working, These Guys Have a Plan:
    MARYSVILLE -- What started as a hobby for longtime friends Kyle Burgess and Matt Benjamin could end up saving lives in Marysville. If an earthquake hits or a landslide strikes, taking out cell towers, the pair of ham radio operators will be among those who are uniquely qualified to transmit (...)

  • Wheaton Hamfest Returns to Kane County Fairgrounds January 20:
    The Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs will hold its 52nd annual Midwinter Wheaton Hamfest from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 20, in the Prairie Events Center, Wing B, at the Kane County Fairgrounds, 525 S. Randall Road in St. Charles. This is a ham radio, computer and hobby electronics flea (...)

  • Using a LimeSDR / PlutoSDR to Transmit Digital Amateur Television with DATV Express
    Over on YouTube Corrosive from channel SignalsEverywhere has uploaded a new video in his series on Digital Amateur Television (DATV). The new video shows us how to use a transmit capable SDR like a LimeSDR or PlutoSDR to transmit DATV with a free Windows program called DATV Express. In the (...)

  • Es’hail-2 Transponder Tests + Narrow Band Web Stream
    Es'hail 2 was launched last November and it is the first geostationary satellite to contain an amateur radio transponder. The satellite is positioned at 25.5°E which is over Africa. It's reception footprint covers Africa, Europe, the Middle East, India, eastern Brazil and the west half of (...)

  • Haute-montagne : L’alpiniste lotois Marc Batard a passé le réveillon dans le Mont Blanc, à 4 000 mètres d’altitude
    Marc Batard et ses compagnons dans le Mont Blanc./ Photo Pascal Tournaire. -*- L’alpiniste Marc Batard, natif de Monflanquin, est toujours aussi dingue. Il a passé le réveillon du 31 décembre perché dans les Alpes à 4 000 m d’altitude. Pour la bonne cause, comme toujours. Il ne fait décidément rien (...)

jeudi 17 janvier 2019

  • New (Used) shack computer is much faster
    When I last purchased a computer for my shack, I had three or four goals in mind: Powerful enough to run amateur radio apps like fldigi and N1MM logging software. Portable enough so that we could use it during Field Day and other portable operating events. Cheap inexpensive. With those goals in (...)

  • DX Engineering – RXSHARE Audio Switch DXE-RXSHARE
    Audio Switch, Control Box, Independent Selection of Audio from One or Two Transceivers to Two Headphones, Passive Device, Each DX Engineering RXSHARE Audio Switch Multi-operator contesting is challenging, especially when a pair of operators are unable to hear what the other operator is hearing. (...)

  • “Life Above 50 MHz” [ ARRL PODCAST ]
     “Life Above 50 MHz” is the topic of the new (January 17) episode of the “ARRL The Doctor is In” podcast. Listen…and learn! Sponsored by DX Engineering, “ARRL The Doctor is In” is an informative discussion of all things technical. Listen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone — whenever and wherever (...)

  • Les certificats d'opérateurs arrivent
    Les premiers certificats d'opérateurs sont arrivés dans les boîtes aux lettres. Vous constaterez que ceux-ci sont sur une simple feuille et non en format "carte de crédit". L'IBPT avant en effet annoncé que le process pour fabriquer les cartes prenait du temps, et qu'en attendant les certificats (...)

  • 19/01/2019 AG de la SRA dept 28
    Eure et Loire DEPT 28 AG de la SRA-28 le Samedi 19 janvier 2019 de 9 h 15 à 10 h 30 à « la table du Perche » Champrond en Gatine 28240

  • Rassemblement de Périgny dept 17 par F6KAP
    Charente Maritime Rassemblement de Périgny 2019 Organisé par le radio-club F6KAP de Périgny dept 17 (près La Rochelle) le 19 janvier 2019 Parc de la Mairie de PERIGNY. Site ICI

  • Museum Spotlights Mics and More
    Bob Paquette Photo Opportunity Fairview Photography Studio The post Museum Spotlights Mics and More appeared first on QRZ Now - Amateur Radio News.