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mardi 27 février 2024

  • 5 years already?
    My thanks to KC Kerchner for posting this on Facebook: Hank Greeb, N8XX passed away on February 26, 2019. Licensed as WN∅FVD in 1951, he wrote about his TX for CQ in 1952. An active QRP operator, he enjoyed NPOTA. Hank will be missed far and (world) wide. Hank was most definitely a dedicated (...)

lundi 26 février 2024

  • On the air
    I was able to get on the air sporadically, yesterday. For a few hours at a time, over the course of a couple casual sessions, I was able to work over a dozen POTA stations, most who were located in North Carolina. The North Carolina QSO Party was going on and these ops were "double dipping", as (...)

vendredi 23 février 2024

  • Upcoming stuff
    After a short workweek, the weekend is once again upon us. Here is some stuff that will be going on: Contests: CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB (has a QRP Category) - http://www.cq160.com/rules.htm South Carolina QSO Party - http://scqso.com/ North American QSO Party, RTTY - (...)

jeudi 22 février 2024

mercredi 21 février 2024

  • VE Exam Sessions
    On February 10th, we held our monthly VE Exam session, which occurs on the second Saturday of the month. We had six candidates, and if I remember correctly, we brought in two new Technicians, and we had two upgrades to General and two upgrades to Extra. I think it was the Tuesday following the (...)

mardi 20 février 2024

  • Day late and a dollar short
    My attempt to finish DXCC on 15 Meters this past weekend came up two countries short. I needed four and got two - Aland Islands and Malta. It was hilarious in a way, because I set up the Cluster in AC Log to only show me spots for 15 Meters, and all I kept seeing was: (...)

vendredi 16 février 2024

  • The "King" is here this weekend.
    At least one of them, anyway. Perhaps, the oldest DX Contest - the ARRL WW DX CW is this weekend. Again, as long as Ol' Sol doesn't throw a fit and cough up on all of us - we're as close to the peak of the sunspot cycle as we can be. If your backside is inclined to sit for the entire event, (...)

jeudi 15 février 2024

  • If I had my "druthers".
    I'd be home working on building the plethora of kits I have collecting dust in my shack and also spending some quality time on HF. After 45 years of the daily grind of working full time, this is getting really old - and I'm getting really old, too. Hopefully, if God is good to me, I'll have one (...)

mercredi 14 février 2024

  • The rodent lied
    So much for an early Spring: Only about 5 inches in South Plainfield, but it made the commute "special" to say the least! And now the weather prognosticators are talking about another round for this coming Saturday. Ugh. 72 de Larry W2LJ QRP - When you care to send the very (...)

dimanche 11 février 2024

  • VE Session today
    The ETS of NJ VE Session was a success ! I was a bit disappointed that only six of nine candidates showed up, but a bit more on that later. The good thing was that all six candidates left with some success. We had two candidates acquire their Technician class licenses, two candidates upgraded (...)

vendredi 9 février 2024

  • The Black Sheep of the Family
    If you go on Facebook at all, it quickly becomes apparent that Baofeng HTs get very little respect. They are the Rodney Dangerfields of the HT world. I understand, in a way, as they are not really comparable in any way to units produced by Kenwood, Yaesu or Icom. They may not be as technically (...)

lundi 5 février 2024

  • Who knew - indeed!?!
    I came across the following post on Facebook - out of respect for the poster, I will not name names. "I guess it's a thing, now: amateur radio Morse code ops are now sending 72 at the end of a communication, instead of 73. Have they not perfected their 3 yet, or is there some secret club I'm (...)

vendredi 2 février 2024

  • FYBO is tomorrow
    Tomorrow is the first Saturday in February, so that means it's FYBO time! I hope to participate for a little bit - not sure if I'll be outdoors or not. Maybe I can squeeze in a POTA activation at the same time? The Washington-Rochambeau Trail K-4582 is only a stone's throw away from my house. (...)

jeudi 1er février 2024

  • Happy February!
    Is it just me - or did January fly by like the proverbial bat out of Hell? It feels like Christmas was just a couple of weeks ago! Before I bore you, a bit of Ham humor first (found on Facebook) Secondly (the boring part) - I finished customizing Ham Clock thanks to watching K2CJB's awesome (...)

mercredi 31 janvier 2024

  • Got the full screen now
    The remote came yesterday and with only two or three button pushes, I now have Ham Clock filling up the screen without bleeding over the edges.. And now, when I exit full screen mode, all the buttons are visible that I need to click on to make changes, if I so desire. I'd like to customize a (...)

mardi 30 janvier 2024

  • For those of you who may be looking
    for Jeff KE9V's blog posts. He changed his format a bit and if you clicked on the link I had provided, you got the dreaded "404 error message". I changed the link a little bit, but he is now positioned all the way down at the bottom of the blog roll. His new format is a lot like John K3WWPs. (...)

lundi 29 janvier 2024

  • Nothing is as easy as they would have you believe
    Things must be getting a bit better as I actually had enough energy to start to configure Ham Clock yesterday afternoon. And is say "start to configure" because this is turning out to be a work in progress. None of the fault lies with Inovato however. The bundle went together quite easily and (...)

vendredi 26 janvier 2024

  • 80 Meter Fox Hunt and the weekend
    Last night was my first stint as a Fox in 8 years! I went back to the QRP Fox Hunt webpage and was looking at the previous seasons. 2015 was the last time I served as a Fox. I completed applications for both the 2016 and 2017 seasons and was relegated to "Alternate" status. I gave up after (...)

lundi 22 janvier 2024

  • Brrrrrr !
    This Arctic air blast which has inundated most of the country for the past week seems to be finally losing its grip. Today is the first day in a week that it's supposed to go above freezing. We have a warm up coming for the days ahead and that's just fine by me. My Amateur Radio activity was (...)

vendredi 19 janvier 2024

  • Cutting back
    One of the things that I've think I've decided to do in 2024 is cut back a bit. Not Amateur Radio-wise, but more of the activities that I volunteer for. I think it's time to enjoy the actual hobby more and divest myself of some of the peripheral responsibilities. Recently elections were held (...)

jeudi 18 janvier 2024

  • The weekend a day early
    Not much radio going on for me this past week. I checked into the St. Max net on Sunday evening on 75 Meters, but that's been about it. I've come home from work each evening on the exhausted side and have been hitting the sack early. It feels like this final injection that I got for my prostate (...)

mardi 16 janvier 2024

  • Apollo 15
    I'm a child of the Space Age - I grew up watching the launches of Shepard, Glenn - the entire Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs are my childhood and young adulthood memories. I found this on the internet the other day. It's a film about the flight of Apollo 15 and Commander Dave Scott is one (...)

vendredi 12 janvier 2024

  • Field Day Results and other stuff
    I did not make it down to the basement for the 80 Meter Fox Hunt last night. At around 7:30 PM, I made the HUGE mistake of sitting down on the couch "for just a few minutes" and you know how that goes .......... when I finally woke up, I picked myself up and went to bed for the night. I guess (...)

mercredi 10 janvier 2024

  • Batting .500
    I went one for two last night, with a solid single in the 40 Meter Fox Hunt last night. Ed N9EP in Illinois was an easy find and I worked him at the four minute mark. Brian K0DTJ in California was another matter altogether. I found the pack of Hounds chasing him easy enough, but hearing Brian (...)

mardi 9 janvier 2024

  • Going to re-do the shack a bit and make room for a new addition.
    Not sure why I ordered one of these, but I love the way it looks and it's arriving tomorrow. It's the HamClock bundle by inovato Products. I have a 24' TV/monitor that's sitting around doing nothing. I was going to put it out at the curb for a free pickup, but then I saw this. There's no real (...)

lundi 8 janvier 2024

  • Weather
    Over the weekend, we received a small amount of snow. About a 1/2 inch before it warned up sufficiently to change over to sleet and then rain. Some areas of the Northern and Northwestern part of New Jersey received closer to 12 inches of snow. Of course, that's nothing. compared to what is (...)

vendredi 5 janvier 2024

  • First weekend of 2024
    For the first weekend of 2024 - here are the goings on that might interest fellow aficionados of QRP and CW. And even if they don't interest you - there's always that perennial question you hear on weekends - "Which contest is this?" Contests: Marconi Club ARI Loano QSO Party Day - (...)

mercredi 3 janvier 2024

  • There will never be anything like it again.
    I have to chuckle to myself. sometimes. I went to the ARRL Webpage to read up on their VOTA (Volunteers On The Air) program from 2023. "The Volunteers On the Air (VOTA) operating event has been popular among hams, with some operators making nearly 30,000 QSOs throughout the yearlong (...)

mardi 2 janvier 2024

  • Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year to all my Amateur Radio friends, QRPers, CW Enthusiasts, POTA operators, Skeeters and the like! I hope 2024 gifts you with joy, peace of mind, happiness and good health! I've been off the internet and the air and life in general for the past two days. I had hoped to make 200 blog (...)

  • Resolutions? Not!
    Determinations? Maybe. The things I'd like to do Ham Radio-wise in 2024 are really quite simple. 1) Get on the air more than I did in 2023. 2) Do a lot more POTA activations. Not so much as a 'making more contacts" kind of deal, but to actually get out of the house more and be in nature, see (...)

vendredi 29 décembre 2023

  • New Year Weekend
    Coming up this weekend: Contests: RAC Winter Contest - https://www.rac.ca/rac-canada-winter-contest-2023/ YOTA Contest - https://www.ham-yota.com/contest/ Stew Perry Topband Challenge - http://www.kkn.net/stew/ Original QRP Contest - http://www.qrpcc.de/contestrules/oqrpr.html ARS Spartan (...)

mardi 26 décembre 2023

  • Santa was very good this year!
    As hinted to me, Santa did leave the Elecraft AX1 and 40 Meter extender under the Tree. And while I was thrilled with that, I got another gift from my beautiful wife, Marianne - that were I kid, I would have hated. But this time, I loved it! Let's be honest, OK? When you were little, say a tyke (...)

  • He's getting ready !
    It's Christmas Eve-Eve! Santa is busy today, starting to load up his pack with IC-705's, KH1s, KX2s, Penntek TR-35s, QRP Labs kits, Mountain Toppers, POTA Go-kits, paddles, antennas and all kinds of Ham goodies! While there are no special event stations active this weekend, I want to make you (...)

lundi 25 décembre 2023

  • Christmas Day 2023
    I've been posting Santa Ham images for a bit now. That's all in good fun to keep the season merry and bright. But let's not forget the Real Reason for the Season: For a Child is born to us, a Son is given to us; Upon His shoulder dominion rests. They name Him Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, (...)

dimanche 24 décembre 2023

  • Christmas Eve 2023
    "GPS? I don't need no stinkin' GPS. I've got NORAD on 15 different frequencies!" And then, when Santa finally gets to your house and can't stop playing with your new radio. Merry Christmas Eve! 72 de Larry W2LJ QRP - When you care to send the very (...)

vendredi 22 décembre 2023

  • Christmas weekend
    Santa Ham image of the day: I think Santa likes boatanchors! Or is that a space heater? Tell me AI, which is it? I asked for a boat anchor! As you might expect - not too much going on this weekend. Contests: RAEM Contest - 0000Z-1159Z, Dec 24 - https://raem.srr.ru/rules/ CW QRS Xmas Activity: (...)

jeudi 21 décembre 2023

  • Santa POTA
    Santa Ham image for the day - maybe Santa POTA might be a better description? And from the looks of it, maybe Santa has a brand new Elecraft KH1 in his hand? Speaking of which - while I'm not in the market for a KH1, I do have kind of a kindled re-interest in the QRP Labs QMX transceiver, which (...)

mercredi 20 décembre 2023

  • The week before Christmas
    Some Santa Ham images each day this week as we ramp up to the Holiday. I have to admit, not much radio for me this weekend. Saturday got busy with other "stuff" and I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I napped most of the day away yesterday (with my loyal and trusted Harold at my side). I (...)

  • "There's an app for that!"
    First, the Santa Ham image for the day: The other day, I was reading the comics online. "Pluggers' is one that I make sure to catch each day, and this one was published last week. One of the comments left by one of the readers was "I use the magnifying app on my phone for that!" Of course, (...)

mardi 19 décembre 2023

  • Getting on the air
    Santa Ham image for the day: I had a Dr. appointment at 4:00 PM, so I had to leave work early. It was the for the last injection of a series of four over two years as part of my treatment. In turn, i got home early and was able to make dinner for the family, after which I headed down to the (...)

vendredi 15 décembre 2023

  • Weekend doings
    On the bands this coming weekend: Contests: Croatian CW Contest - https://www.hamradio.hr/9a-dx-contest/ ARRL Rookie Roundup, CW - http://www.arrl.org/rookie-roundup Special Events: 12/16/2023 | Christmas in Bethlehem New Mexico Dec 16-Dec 23, 1400Z-0600Z, KC5OUR, Belen, NM. Valencia County (...)

jeudi 14 décembre 2023

mercredi 13 décembre 2023

  • Coffee is my friend this morning
    It was busy here at work yesterday, but not THAT busy. Yet, when I got home I was feeling exhausted and was contemplating hitting the sack early and bypassing the 40 Meter Fox Hunts. As it was, I had committed to running the NNJ Southern District ARES Net on 70 cm, last night at 0030 UTC. In a (...)

mardi 12 décembre 2023

  • Ham Radio Humor
    Nothing really to speak of today, so I'll try injecting a little humor. Maybe this will brighten someone's day. I guess one can never have too many radios. Although some of us seem to benefit from those who do and feel the need to "cull the herd". I did go on eBay yesterday, just to checkout (...)

lundi 11 décembre 2023

  • Busy, busy weekend
    Too many chores, too many responsibilities to have much Amateur Radio fun this weekend. No HF for me, although this was Amateur Radio Exam Saturday for my team. We had two candidates. One earned his Technician class license. The other candidate got his Tech last month only to come back (...)

vendredi 8 décembre 2023

  • Hunting Foxes and the weekend
    I grabbed two furry Fox pelts last night on 80 Meters. This first was Steve WX2S and that should have been no surprise as he lives less than 25 miles south of me. Don K9DRP was another matter. His signal was constantly up and down, in and out due to QSB. The KX3's APF feature wasn't helping (...)

mercredi 6 décembre 2023

  • 'Tis the Season - Happy St. Nicholas Day!
    In many European countries (including Poland, where my roots lay), today is a special day - the Feast Day of St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra (in modern day Turkey) during the early 4th century. Nicholas was known for his generosity to the poor and destitute. One famous story (...)

mardi 5 décembre 2023

  • Crazy or not?
    This is something that two good friends brought to my attention - Bob W3BBO and Dave KD2FSI. This is near and dear to me as the Heathkit HR-1680 was my Novice Receiver, which I built back in 1978. You look at that, and you might think, like I did "WOW! $911.00 for an unbuilt Heathkit? Really?" (...)

lundi 4 décembre 2023

  • Radio inactive weekend
    No radio time for W2LJ this past weekend. It was time for decorating the interior of the house and also time for the annual Christmas light fight. I was too busy setting up the tree (artificial - real ones play havoc with my sinuses) and just about pulling out my gray hair over Christmas (...)

vendredi 1er décembre 2023

  • Skywarn Recognition Day & more
    Rare second post for the day: Skywarn Recognition Day starts tonight night at 7:00 PM EST and runs all day Saturday until 7:00 PM EDT. That would be December 2, 2023 from 0000UTC to 2400 UTC. This annual event was developed in 1999 by the National Weather Service and the American Radio Relay (...)