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mercredi 1er décembre 2021

  • The next time someone you know talks down QRP:
    Dave KD2FSI just posted the following to the SPARC Facebook page: The 2021 Field Day results database is out. The South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club ranked 203 out of a total of 5878 entries in all categories. This would put us within the upper 4% in the nation. We ranked 8th out of all 220 (...)

lundi 29 novembre 2021

    Sorry to say that I did not partake in the big contest this past weekend. After cooking the big Thanksgiving meal on Thursday for family that came over, I was just a bit tired. Instead, I got the last of the leaves raked and bagged. I also got the outdoor and indoor Christmas decorating done (...)

lundi 15 novembre 2021

  • Field Day 2021 Results
    If you're an ARRL member you can check out the 2021 Field Day results. The digital December issue of QST is online. The South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club, operating NJ2SP came in 3rd place, nationwide, in the 3A - Battery classification. The results were in two separate columns (necessitated (...)

  • Regrets? I've had a few.
    No one can be in this hobby for a long time without having a few regrets - usually about equipment bought and sold. Regrets: Getting rid of my Novice station. Even though I donated it to the Handi-Ham organization, I later regretted handing off my Novice Station, which comprised of a Drake 2NT (...)

vendredi 29 octobre 2021

  • Ol' Sol is getting frisky!
    The K7RA Solar Update 10/29/2021 Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: Sunspot activity was up this week, with the average daily sunspot number increasing by nearly five-fold from 11.3 to 54.9. Average daily solar flux rose from 78.6 to 95.7. Currently our sun is peppered with spots. A new sunspot (...)

lundi 18 octobre 2021

  • On this date
    Where would we be without transistors? Definitely one of the major technical advances of our time. No Hill Toppers, no Mountain Toppers, no LNRs. no KX's, no QCX's (just to name a few) and a whole lot more! 72 de Larry W2LJ QRP _ When you care to send the very (...)

dimanche 17 octobre 2021

  • Working POTA stations
    I did something this Sunday morning that I haven't done in a while ..... I got on the air! I decided to go down to the basement to hunt some POTA stations. I ended up working five in a very short time amidst working on a hardware issue. More on that later. If you like working POTA stations but (...)

mercredi 13 octobre 2021

  • Zombie Shuffle time!
    The return of a favorite! Here's the announcement from Paul NA5N: Zombies, Halloween is at the end of the month ... must be Zombie Shuffle time. The ZOMBIE SHUFFLE will be held on Friday, Oct. 29, 2021 from 1600 through midnight, your local time. Hopefully 15M and 20M will be open for a bit. (...)

dimanche 10 octobre 2021

  • Encouragement
    For those of you who have to live with less than ideal antenna conditions - I saw this post on QRP-L and the author, John N6HI granted me permission to publish it here. It says a lot about how being stuck in a place that doesn't allow full blown antenna situations does NOT have to keep you from (...)

vendredi 8 octobre 2021

  • Down the shore
    In New Jersey, it's "a thing". We don't go to the beach - we go down the shore. Once we're at the shore, we may or may not go to the beach. Like I said, it's a Jersey thing. Last weekend, Marianne and I went down to the shore to spend our wedding anniversary weekend together. The weather was (...)

vendredi 24 septembre 2021

  • Egads! It's Autumn! Where has the year gone?
    At least in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway. It's time to say good-bye to longer days, warmer temperatures, and hopefully soon - lawn mowing. But on the other side of the coin, Winter will soon be approaching, making it's presence felt long before Autumn is officially over. I'll be going to (...)

lundi 20 septembre 2021

  • Crap!
    I was reading some stuff on the internet this morning when my phone chirped to let me know that my friend Bob W3BBO was on the air calling CQ. I saw that he was on 30 Meters, and I thought the band might be conducive to a Pittsburgh to Central Jersey QSO, so I ran downstairs to fire up the KX3. (...)

jeudi 16 septembre 2021

  • Upcoming Events
    QRP Afield QRP Afield 2021 is held on the third Saturday of September, which is September 18 this year; as in the past few years, it runs from 1500-2100Z (11am-5pm EDT). You can read the rules here: https://www.newenglandqrp.org/qrp-afield-2018/ (still mostly correct). Our weekend always has a (...)