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Having fun with amateur radio

dimanche 21 avril 2024

  • ICQ Podcast Episode 428 – ICQPodcast Live
    In this episode, I joined Martin Butler M1MRB, Caryn Eve Murray KD2GUT and Edmund Spicer M0MNG, and we discussed: Amateur Radio Saves Family in Death Valley National Park NASA confirms ISS debris hit Florida home Programs for Disabled Amateurs marks 57 Years ESRG March 2024 Key Messages Hytera (...)

lundi 15 avril 2024

vendredi 12 avril 2024

  • Random Noise: Wet antenna, POTA ragchewing, more ops sending BK
    Rain puts a damper (literally!) on 30m operations I love my homebrew Cobra antenna… …but it suffers from one big drawback. When it rains, the ladder line impedance changes and I have to retune the antenna. And, when it rains constantly for more than a couple of hours—like it has been here for the (...)

mercredi 10 avril 2024

  • QSLs from the “Motor City”
    I’ve written before about the cache of old QSLs that my brother came across several months ago while conducting an estate sale. The recipient of these QSLs lived near Detroit, so it’s understandable that many of the cards he received came from hams in the “Motor City.” W8IFI proudly proclaims (...)

samedi 6 avril 2024

  • Amateur radio videos: Extreme toroid winding, CW bandwidth, KB6NU on LICW
    Need to wind some toroids? While I’m waiting for my QRPLabs’ QMX kit to arrive, I thought I’d try to learn something about toroid winding. This video takes toroid winding to a whole new level.  W2AEW on CW bandwidth Question T8A11, in the Technician Class question pool asks, “What is the (...)

vendredi 5 avril 2024

lundi 1er avril 2024

  • Operating Notes: Bandscope observations, a pirate on 2m, VU2
    Bandscope observations If you who read my blog regularly, you know I’m a big fan of bandscopes. Here are a couple of relevant observations: I almost missed a DX contact because the DX station called about 250 Hz below my frequency. Because I had my bandpass set to 300 Hz (+/-150 Hz), I couldn’t (...)

vendredi 29 mars 2024

  • Debouncing switches can be a challenge
    One of the challenges that I faced when I started my Micropython keyer project was debouncing the switch closures. There are seven in all: five pushbuttons and the dit and dah inputs. So, I did what everybody does nowadays—perform an internet search. I searched for “switch debouncing with (...)

mercredi 27 mars 2024

  • Operating notes: New CW ops edition
    I’m hearing some new ops on the CW bands these days, and I think it’s very cool. I’m not sure what’s motivating them, but whatever it is, I’m all for it. Here’s one email I got from a fellow after our QSO: Dan, I’m a new CW operator and I heard your call tonight and (...)

lundi 25 mars 2024

  • ICQ Podcast Episode 426 – HamSCI Eclipse
    In this episode, I join Martin Butler M1MRB, Caryn Eve Murray KD2GUT, Edmund Spicer M0MNG, and Ed Durrant DD5LP to discuss: Amateur Radio Stands Ready to Support Eclipse Operations Discarded “Space Junk” From Iss Falls To Earth Without Incident At This Library, Check Out Ham Radio As Well As (...)

  • Random stuff: Circuit debugging tips, choke cookbook, Bluetooth observation
    8 Tips for Debugging Electronic Circuits Jameco’s eight tips for debugging circuits include: Understand the circuit. Do a visual inspection. Use the right tools. Check power supply and ground connections. Consider signal tracing and analysis. Conduct incremental testing and isolation. Learn from (...)

samedi 23 mars 2024

mercredi 20 mars 2024

mardi 19 mars 2024

  • Operating Notes: I’m twitch-y, bye-bye X-6100, bring on the toroids
    I’m Twitch-y! Last night, I worked Luis, EA1TG, and this morning, he sent me a link to a video on Twitch that he made of our contact. (Click on the image to go to Twitch. For some reason, I couldn’t embed the Twitch video here.) This is kind of cool. I’ve been thinking of setting (...)

lundi 18 mars 2024

  • Hamfests are as much about meeting people as they are about selling stuff
    Yesterday, my friends Paul KW1L, Rick K8BMA, and I drove down to Toledo for the Toledo Mobile Radio Association (TMRA) hamfest. This is generally a well-attended event, so I schlepped a bunch of stuff down there. Some of it was my junk, some of it odds and ends from the estates I agreed to (...)

vendredi 15 mars 2024

  • Handmade QSLs from the 1930s
    My brother, Mike, runs an estate sale company, Metro Detroit Estate Sales (shameless plug intended). From time to time, he’ll call me when a sale he’s conducting includes some electronics or ham radio gear. A couple of months ago, he called and said that this most recent sale included a bunch of (...)

lundi 11 mars 2024

vendredi 8 mars 2024

mardi 5 mars 2024

mercredi 28 février 2024

  • Amateur radio videos: ARDC Interview, microwaves, operating 160 meters
    A Free VPN Service from ARDC This interview took place at the 2024 HamCation. Amateur Microwave It’s easier than you think Can You Do 160 Meters on Two Wolf River Coils? K8MRD connects two Wolf River loading coils in series to see if he can use that lashup to tune on 160 (...)

dimanche 25 février 2024

  • Inclusivity in Amateur Radio
    This is a guest post by Bud Talbot, W0RMT, and is cross-posted from https://w0rmt.net/. Recently, my ARRL membership was up for renewal. I thought about it for a long time, and finally decided to renew so that I could have a (very small) voice in the way the League is operating these days. (...)

jeudi 22 février 2024

mardi 20 février 2024

  • Amateur radio in the news: New club edition
    In my news feed this past month, there were two announcements of new amateur radio clubs being formed. I’m not so sure how often that happens anymore, so I thought I’d spotlight them here. I’ve always said that if you don’t like the current club in your area, start your own! New amateur radio group (...)

lundi 19 février 2024

  • Random stuff: Even MIT gets it wrong, DIY Layout Creator, Astron power supplies with PowerPoles
    Even MIT News gets it wrong In a recent article, MIT News reported on a recently-developed tamper-proof ID tag. The gist of the story is that some researcher at MIT has developed a system that irradiates a small tag with THz waves and uses the reflections from the tag to identify an object. In (...)

  • Operating notes: CB0ZA, poor fists, Cherry Valley
    CB0ZA A couple nights ago, I turned on the radio and could see two big pileups on 30-meter CW. Down towards the lower portion of the band, there was a big pileup, and up towards 10120 kHz, a decidedly smaller one. So, I fired up DX Summit, the DX spotting website, to see what was (...)

mercredi 14 février 2024

  • More thoughts about QST
    Today, I got The Current email newsletter from the ARRL. This newsletter discusses what’s new in the latest editions of QST, On the Air, QEX, and the National Contest Journal (NCJ). For example, the featured article from the March 2024 QST is “Common Mode Current and Common Mode Chokes” by Larry (...)

mardi 13 février 2024

lundi 12 février 2024

  • Introduction to the KB6NU Pico Keyer Project
    In the May 2023 QST, K1SWL published the article, “A Simple Morse Memory Keyer by Dave Benson, K1SWL. I found it to be an interesting project, mainly because it used the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. I like the Pico because it has more memory and is faster than most Arduinos. I thought to (...)

samedi 10 février 2024

vendredi 9 février 2024

  • ICQ Podcast Episode 422 – GB0ROC Bunkers on the Air Station
    In this episode, I join Martin Butler M1MRB, Caryn Eve Murray KD2GUT, and Edmund Spicer M0MNG to discuss the following: Young DXPeditioners Prep for Guyana Some ARRL Reversals and Deferred Decisions Ham Club Provides Mobile-Radio Donation to Humanitarian Effort QRP Self-Spotting Website Hams (...)

samedi 3 février 2024

jeudi 1er février 2024

  • David Mills, W3HCF, developer of NTP, SK
    David Mills, W3CHF, recently passed. He was widely recognized as the fellow who invented/developed the network time protocol, or NTP, which keeps all of the computers on the internet in sync. He was also a radio amateur. This is something that I was unaware of. His New York Times obiturary (...)

dimanche 28 janvier 2024

  • Random stuff: Online QSL generator, XYL calling, TX5S
    Online QSL generator Via a reddit post this morning, I found out about the HamRadar.Com QSL Generator. This is a nice bit of online software that will generate electronic QSL cards quickly for you. Fill in a form, select a background image and bingo, you have a downloadable QSL card. See figure (...)