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Having fun with amateur radio

mardi 10 mai 2022

  • Amateur radio in the news: Sending Dogecoin via HF radio
    DOGE transaction sent via radio using a protocol called Radio Doge DOGE is not the first cryptocurrency to be sent via radio transmission. Concepts such as mesh networking, amateur radio equipment and portable antennas have given people access to bitcoin transactions without internet access. (...)

samedi 7 mai 2022

  • ARRL Club Grant Program now accepting applications
    From the ARRL Letter, May 7, 2022: Two videos introducing the ARRL Foundation Club Grant Program are now available. The ARRL Foundation Club Grant Program, funded by a grant from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC), will make $500,000 available to clubs, enabling them to more easily (...)

vendredi 6 mai 2022

  • Knots for ham radio
    When I was a kid, a friend of mine tried to get me into Boy Scouts. The first thing that they tried to teach me was how to tie knots. At that point, I wasn’t really much of an outdoors type, so the utility of knowing how to tie a variety of knots was lost […] The post Knots for ham radio (...)

mardi 3 mai 2022

  • Programming is hard
    I own a FlexRadio 6400, and overall, I’m quite happy with it. It’s probably the best-performing radio that I’ve ever used, Having said that, it’s not perfect. Recently, Flex released an update to SmartSDR, and for some folks, the update caused their radios to quit working. This appears to be (...)

lundi 2 mai 2022

  • IARU R1 wants you to #BePartOfTheFuture
    More and more, I’m impressed by what IARU R1 is doing for amateur radio. The latest is their Ham Challenge 2022. The challenge is for hams to come up with game-changing idea that will attract more people to amateur radio and make amateur radio more fun for those already involved. According to (...)

dimanche 1er mai 2022

  • Badger me…….please
    I’ve often thought that hams should do more with badges, like they do at DEFCON and other hacker conferences. I had some ideas of designing my own, but then I found out about the Pimoroni Badger. The Badger is a very cool, hackable, programmable badge with an e-ink display, with a Raspberry Pi (...)

jeudi 28 avril 2022

  • Another crazy idea for an amateur radio video
    A couple of weeks ago, the Veritasium video, “The Big Misconception About Electricity” created quite a stir. If you’re interested in the physics of electricity, you might want to watch this yourself. I’m not going to discuss the technical merits of this video here (although feel free to do so in (...)

lundi 25 avril 2022

  • Trade magazine articles: home lab equipment, antennas 101, AC grounding
    Here are some articles from the electronics trade magazines (well, online “magazines,” anyway) that I found interesting: Equipment Recommendations for a Home Electronics Lab Some of the author’s suggestions may seem a bit pricey for a radio amateur’s home lab, but good test equipment will yield (...)

dimanche 24 avril 2022

  • ICQ Podcast Episode 375 – The Fed Files
    In this episode, I joined Martin Butler (M1MRB), Edmund Spicer M0MNG and Ed Durrant DD5LP, and we blabbed about: Youth Preparedness Award for Clovis High School Students Solo voyager Horie, 83, Passes Hawaii 3 weeks into Pacific trip Amateur Radio Helps Rescue Injured California Outdoorsman (...)

mercredi 20 avril 2022

mardi 19 avril 2022

dimanche 17 avril 2022

  • Operating Notes: 2022 Michigan QSO Party
    The Michigan QSO Party was yesterday, and I had a really great time operating it. I even racked up my best score ever. Here’s my report to 3830scores.com: Michigan QSO Party – 2022 Call: W8RP Operator(s): KB6NU Station: KB6NU Class: Single Op LP QTH: Ann Arbor, MI, USA Operating Time (hrs): 6.25 (...)

samedi 16 avril 2022

samedi 9 avril 2022

  • Would paralleling diodes make a crystal radio work better?
    On the amateur radio subreddit, some guy posted a link to his ePay store where he’s selling fancy crystal radios. Since there’s a rule that you can’t post ads, his post was quickly removed, but not before I clicked on a link and got a look at his work. Honestly, some of it looked pretty (...)

vendredi 8 avril 2022

  • VK5DR, Codec 2 developer, wins 2022 Amateur Radio Software Award
    Earlier this week, the Amateur Radio Software Award (ARSA) committee selected David Rowe, VK5DGR, and his project, Codec 2, to receive the 3rd annual Amateur Radio Software Award. The award recognizes projects and their developers for technical innovation, impacts on amateur radio and community (...)

  • QSLs: WB5HOW, W0OX
    My apologies for not blogging for a while. I had to do my taxes last weekend. Then, to add insult to injury, I came down with a case of COVID, despite being vaxxed and boosted….Dan My first QSL today is from WB5HOW. “HOW” is an all-time new one (ATNO) for me! The second is […] The post QSLs: (...)

lundi 4 avril 2022

jeudi 31 mars 2022

  • ICQ Podcast Episode 373 – Hamzilla 2022
    In this episode, I joined Colin Butler, M6BOY; Edmund Spicer, M0MNG; Ed Durrant DD5LP; and Leslie Butterfield, G0CIB to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. The news items included: ARRL Teachers Institute to Offer Four Sessions this Summer Russia and Belarus Suspended from CEPT (...)

mardi 29 mars 2022

lundi 28 mars 2022

  • 2 product FAILs
    I recently purchased two items that I’ve been disappointed with. They not amateur radio products, fortunately, but they are radio-related, so I thought I’d blog about them. The first product to disappoint are the Amazon Echo Buds, 2nd Generation. I purchased these when they went on sale for $80. (...)

dimanche 27 mars 2022

jeudi 24 mars 2022

  • New amateur radio license fees going into effect April 19, 2022
    The $35 licensing fee that’s been talked about for more than a year now will finally be going into effect on April 19, 2022, according to Public Notice A-22-307A1, dated March 23, 2022. It says: This Public Notice announces that the new application fee rates for the Wireless Telecommunications (...)

mercredi 23 mars 2022

  • ARRL actually starting to do things for clubs
    If any of you have read my blog over the years, you know that I’m often critical of the ARRL’s efforts to help affiliated clubs. Even so, hope springs eternal. Last year, they hired Mike Walters, W8YZ, and he’s actually started to do things to help clubs. For example, the ARRL has finally started (...)

  • ARRL actually starting to do things for clubs
    If any of you have read my blog over the years, you know that I’m often critical of the ARRL’s efforts to help affiliated clubs. Even so, hope springs eternal. Last year, they hired Mike Walters, W8YZ, and he’s actually started to do things to help clubs. For example, the ARRL has finally started (...)

vendredi 18 mars 2022

  • From my inbox: how transistors work, texting device, DEFCON talks
    Understanding Basic Electronics The Long Island CW Club has turned into much more than a place for hams to learn Morse Code. It really is an online amateur radio club. Their Zoom rooms host talks on a wide variety of topics, and their mailing list has become a forum for less experienced hams to (...)

jeudi 17 mars 2022

  • Booklet outlines WRC 23 activities
    The International Telecommunication Union, ITU, has just released their WRC-23 booklet. Available in six different languages, It can be freely downloaded from https://www.itu.int/wrc-23/booklet-wrc-23/. The booklet lists 44 resolutions that WRC will be addressing during the conference, which (...)

mardi 15 mars 2022

  • How diverse is your club? How diverse should it be?
    One of the knocks on amateur radio is that it’s not very diverse. While that’s not completely true, I do think that we could do a better job of being more inclusive. Being more diverse and inclusive could well be a way to strengthen already good clubs and help failing clubs stave off extinction. (...)

lundi 14 mars 2022

    Here are the latest QSLs received for my collection of QSLs from stations whose calls spell words. I love this QSL from Brian, WB4IT. The yellowhammer is the state bird of Alabama, and what a handsome bird it is. As the card says, Alabama is known as “The Yellowhammer State.” Brian also writes, (...)

mercredi 9 mars 2022

samedi 5 mars 2022

  • FCC to start looking at receiver specs
    As hams, we are aware—or should be aware—of the spectral purity requirements spelled out in the Part 97 rules (§ 97.307). The purpose of these rules is to prevent unintentional interference. Well, as the recent brouhaha over the 5G rollout here in the United States has pointed out, it’s not just (...)

jeudi 3 mars 2022

  • ARRL now accepting applications for the 2022 Teachers Institute
    Got this from the ARRL earlier today…. We are now accepting applications for the 2022 Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology! This program provides teachers with tools and strategies to introduce basic electronics, the science of radio, space technology and satellite communications, weather (...)

mercredi 2 mars 2022

lundi 28 février 2022

  • ICQPodcast #371: vintage radios, Greek stamps, Avro Lancaster special event
    In this episode, I joined Martin Butler (M1MRB), Edmund Spicer M0MNG, and Ed Durrant DD5LP to discuss: Enthusiast’s Radio Collection in the Press New Postage Stamps Feature Amateur Radio in Greece Amateur Radio – A Life-Long Technical Hobby Avro Lancaster 80th Anniversary of the 1st operational (...)

dimanche 27 février 2022

samedi 26 février 2022

lundi 21 février 2022

dimanche 20 février 2022

  • You never know what you’re going to find….
    I was puttering around the shack yesterday, putting some stuff away and throwing out stuff that I’ve either finished with or will probably never get back to. In doing so, I ran across this: It’s hard to read, but the date of the 15 wpm endorsement is “JUN 28, 1972, almost 50 years ago! I […] The (...)

vendredi 18 février 2022

  • Amateur radio videos: (tr)uSDX
    So, a couple of days ago, a guy in our club posted to our mailing list that he was thinking of starting a group buy for the (tr)uSDX transceiver and included a link to the video below: Here’s a description of the little transceiver: The (tr)uSDX is a 5-Band / Mulitmode QRP Transceiver in Pocket (...)

mercredi 16 février 2022

  • Ham radio was hot at HamCation 2022
    Last weekend, I got to attend the Orlando HamCation. I actually had been planning to go with my wife, Silvia, for several years, but Covid put my plans on hold. This year, my employer, ARDC, actually paid me to go! The first thing that I’ll note is that the weather was just perfect. Friday, the (...)