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samedi 2 juillet 2022

  • Provenance – Le clone d’OpenEmu pour iOS / tvOS
    Si vous avez un appareil iOS rooté ou encore mieux, une Apple TV jailbreakée, il existe un super soft qui va faire plaisir à votre petit cœur de rétro gamer. Ce soft, c’est Provenance, un clone d’OpenEmu qui propose de la sauvegarde d’états, le support de contrôleur connus comme les … (...)

  • Kenwood TS-990S Review
    Radio Equipment/HF Transceivers/Kenwood TS-990 A syntethic review of the Kenwood TS 990S. The author was previosly a FTdx101d owner and he opted for the Kenwood transceivers.

vendredi 1er juillet 2022

  • Le CQ-QSO de 07-08/2022 est en ligne
  • Is Field Day still relevant?
    I always enjoy Field Day, and this year was no exception.But, as I sat there, punching call signs into N1MM and watching my log and the logs of the other networked stations, it occurred to me that there were an awful lot of 1B, 1D, and 1E stations. I’m guessing that the majority of these […] (...)

  • RSGB Regional vacancies
    The RSGB has vacancies for someone to be co-opted as the Regional Representative for Region 11 until the AGM in 2023. Region 11 covers Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, South Gloucestershire and the Channel Islands. There are 13 RSGB Regional Representatives covering the whole of the UK and (...)

  • Tribute to Zorro, JH1AJT
    3D2AJT is the special callsign that Dom, 3D2USU will be using for one month from Nadi in the Fiji Islands in memory of the late Yasuo ‘Zorro’ Miyazawa, JH1AJT. Activity will end on 27 July, which would have marked Zorro’s 73rd birthday. Zorro was also known for his DXpeditions and charitable work (...)

  • Tonight@8 on Radio waves and antennas
    Tonight @8 will take place on Monday, the 4 July. This is the final lecture before the summer break. Peter Duffett-Smith, G3XJE will be looking at Radio waves and antennas…and all that. His presentation covers a range of antenna-related information so there should be something for everyone. (...)

  • Turned out I was right, after all!
    Wow! I guessed something right for a change! I went down to the shack at just a little after 9:00 PM and fired up the KX3. I tuned around in the vicinity of 14.060 MHz and found John K4BAI pretty quickly. He was about a 569 or so on the W3EDP. To see if it would make any difference, I switched (...)

  • Transmit Without License During An Emergency? Save Life & Property?
    Tony DeWitte AD0DQ, joins me to explain when it is legal for you to transmit outside of your radio privileges to save life or protect property, ALSO, when it is NOT legal. The post Transmit Without License During An Emergency? Save Life & Property? appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio (...)

    The complete software suite to Edit, Analyze, Generate Statistics, View multiple logs simultaneously, Map QSOs, Import and Export to Cabrillo or ADIF files. The post CONTEST LOG ANALYZER appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio (...)

  • MFJ-914 Auto Antenna Extender – Review
    The MFJ-914 offers a way of extending the matching range of the internal ATU inside any transceiver. If your internal ATU is struggling to achieve a match, then this may be your answer. Peter G3OJV, checks it out. Does your HF rigs automatic tuner have limited matching range? MFJs AutoTuner (...)

  • Transformer une photo en cartoon
    Il existe de nombreuses applications mobiles permettant de cartoonifier une photo ou de caricaturer quelqu’un. Mais si vous avez la flemme d’installer ça sur votre smartphone, et bien sachez que ça existe aussi en site web classique? C’est ce que propose SocialBook au travers de sa page cartoonize (...)

  • EPS Antennas
    Manufacturers/Antennas/VHF UHF Microwave Amateur radio antenna manufacturer, HF VHF UHF antennas, and amateur radio accessories dealer based in Lingen Germany

jeudi 30 juin 2022

  • Even though I don't partake much anymore
    the 2022 Summer QRP Fox Hunt season started last Thursday. For all the particulars, you can visit for the rules and the schedule. By the time 9:00 PM rolls around here in NJ, I'm usually too pooped to pop. But now that Summer is here and the basement is the coolest (...)

  • More on Grounding
    Scott, N3CRS, has emailed Dave a very well organized list of questions that have to do with the subject of grounding. Lets see if Dave can help him out. The post More on Grounding appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio News.

  • Radiorama
    Le dernier Radiorama est disponible ne lecture libre RADIORAMA

  • Mini récepteur HF 150 kHz à 30 Mhz
    Tarif 90€

  • Une énorme éruption solaire fonce vers la Terre, quels sont les risques ?
    Depuis plusieurs semaines les astronomes du monde entier observent une tâche solaire, baptisée AR3038. Ces tâches sombres à la surface de notre étoile trahissent des zones de haute activité qui peuvent donner naissance à une éruption. Il y a encore quelques jours, les observateurs pensaient que cette (...)

  • Mautic – Gérer vos automatisations marketing comme un chef avec ce logiciel libre
    — Article rédigé en partenariat avec WebAnyOne — Mautic c’est quoi ? Aujourd’hui, j’aimerais vous présenter un logiciel libre dont on parle trop peu à mon goût : Mautic. Alors Mautic c’est quoi ? Et bien il s’agit d’un logiciel libre et gratuit permettant de faire ce qui s’appelle du … (...)

  • Mailbrew – Votre newsletter personnelle
    Si vous passez beaucoup de temps dans votre boite mail, vous aimez sûrement recevoir des petites newsletters bien fraîches comme la mienne. Mais pour aller encore plus loin, il existe un service nommé MailBrew qui permet de concevoir votre newsletter à la demande. Ainsi, vous structurez votre (...)

  • Voice Keyer for the backpack
    Technical Reference/Keyers Build a Ham Radio Voice Keyer for the Backpack

  • ARROW heads back to the field for Field Day
    2020 and 2021 were pretty bleak years for Field Day. Since it’s just as much a social or group event as it is an amateur radio event, the Covid pandemic really put a damper on things. This year, however, ARROW, our club here in Ann Arbor, MI, figured that while Covid may still be an […] The post (...)

  • Carnet trafic radio F3CJ Joël PELVES 62 JO10LG
    Cliquer sur le lien ci-après :

mercredi 29 juin 2022

  • Pyrénées Atlantiques - RR 07
    Département 64 – Pyrénées-Atlantiques – Président : F6EKW. Association des Radioamateurs des Pyrénées-Atlantiques. • Page Internet : ( Assemblée générale de l’ARPA. Samedi 7 mai, sous une très belle météo et à l'issue de deux années de confinement, tous les (...)

  • 13 Colonies coming up
    Next Monday we celebrate Independence Day here in the US of A - our nation's birthday. So, beginning on July 1st and running through the 7th (I think) is the 13 Colonies Special Event. This has become a biggie, drawing a ton of participation from within and without the continental United (...)

  • Tournage: Recherche d'un radioamateur
    La société de production cinématographique "Les films du Bélier" recherche en urgence dans le cadre du tournage de de leur prochain long-métrage, se déroulant pendant l'après guerre, un expert en morse pour assister sur le plateau de tournage une séquence avec un acteur pratiquant le (...)

    Perseus22 is a 4 channels, direct sampling receiver with a continuous frequency coverage from 10 KHz to 225 MHz and a typical image rejection larger than 70 dB. All channels are synchronously sampled by an high SNR, 14 bits A/D converter and processed by a software defined digital down (...)

  • HAM Radio Friedrichshafen
  • Comment rendre Youtube plus vivable avec cette extension ?
    Si vous aimez passer un peu de temps sur YouTube pour vous former, vous savez sans doute que YouTube est un piège à productivité. Il y a des notifications, des suggestions de contenus distrayants, des tonnes de commentaires débiles à lire et j’en passe. Heureusement, il y a une extension … (...)

  • Friedrichshafen 2022: photos
    Le salon européen radioamateur de Friedrichshafen a attiré 17 100 visiteurs, et 200 exposants de 34 nations. Si vous n'avez pas pu vous y rendre, vous trouverez ci-après de très nombreuses photos...du DARC, de l'ami Jean-Marc F5RQQ et de (...)

  • Portable VHF UHF Dipole Antenna
    Antennas/Portable A SOTA Lightweight Portable 2m 70cm Dipole Antenna Lightweight portable QRP 2m and 70cm half wave dipole for SOTA or an emergency antenna for the 2m and 70cm Go-box.

  • MagicSDR: Streaming Audio over UDP to Decoders like Multimon-NG
    Back in May 2021 we first posted about the release of MagicSDR, which is an Android and iOS SDR app that receives data from an rtl_tcp server elsewhere on your network. Apart from the RTL-SDR, MagicSDR also supports the SDRplay, LimeSDR, HiQSDR, Flex 6-seris and sound card based radios. (...)

  • SDR Academy 2022 Recorded Livestream now Available
    The Software Defined Academy is a group that organizes an SDR focused conference during the yearly HAMRADIO fair that is usually held in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The past two years have seen the conference go exclusively virtual, however this year the conference was a hybrid of real life and (...)

  • An Improved ExtIO for RTL_TCP
    Back in 2020 we posted about a modified ExtIO interface which exposed advanced RTL-SDR driver settings such as decimation, manual gain and tuner bandwidth and filtering controls. These features allow users to tune filters to avoid ADC overload and to overall fine tune reception better, (...)

  • The Android SDR App That Beats Them All! Supports RTL-SDR Airspy HackRF and Many More!
    Android SDR App SDR MUST be plugged in before starting SDR++ and you MUST press refresh in the SDR source you’re using before pressing play if you first plugged in the SDR or unplugged/replugged, otherwise expect a crash. The USB handling still needs some work. There are still a few UI glitches (...)

mardi 28 juin 2022

  • Mini SSB HF Receiver 150 kHz To 30 Mhz
    SI4732 SSB 150K-30MHZ FM 64M-108MHZ Color LCD Display DSP Radio Receiver Built-in Battery Features: -Color LCD display, read data more clearly. -Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, no need to worry about sudden power failure affecting use. -Small size and easy to carry, you can take it with (...)

    Journée bien remplie ce dimanche pour le 22ième triathlon du Lac Saint Point où nous sommes bénévoles. En effet, une manche de championnat s'ajouta aux épreuves S et de courte distance. Comme chaque année nous mettons nos compétences radio au service de l'association du CNP de Pontarlier. Outre la (...)

  • Some post-mortem Field Day thoughts
    While I understand the mindset of those who really consider Field Day to be an uber-contest and go whole hog........ as I get older, I see the wisdom of keeping it simple. A few wire antennas, a few low power portable rigs make set up in 90F weather much easier and by the same token, tear down (...)

  • Antenne end-fed pour le 6m
    La saison étant propice aux contacts sur 6m, Larry Nelson K5IJB, propose la réalisation d'une antenne end-fed pour cette bande. K5JIB

  • La première étape avant la restauration d'une TSF
  • Sélection de sites Web de la semaine par DX ZONE

  • Améliorez la qualité de vos images avec ce freeware Windows
    Il existe de nombreux outils et services capables d’augmenter la taille et la qualité d’une image assez proprement grâce au deep learning. Et aujourd’hui j’aimerai vous présenter ce logiciel Windows nommé AI PNG Enlarger qui permet d’un simple glisser – déposer d’augmenter la qualité d’une photo ainsi (...)

  • Testing End Fed Long Wire Antenna
    Antennas/End-Fed Testing a 27.2 metre end fed long wire antenna,used for SOTA activations placed as an inverted V. The author reports in this article an on the field practical result.

  • ESAR – Extraordinarily Simple AIS Receiver written in C
    Thank you to Richard Gosiorovsky for submitting his latest SDR project called ESAR (Extraordinarily Simple AIS Receiver). AIS stands for Automatic Identification System and is used by marine vessels to broadcast their GPS locations in order to help avoid collisions and aide with rescues. An (...)

  • Field Day 2022 ........"Put 'er in the books!"
    Another Field Day has come and gone. This year was not without its surprises, but as Clint Eastwood said as Gunnery Sargent Thomas Highway in "Heartbreak Ridge" - "You improvise, adapt, and overcome!" The week started with a Proclamation of Amateur Radio Week in South Plainfield by our Mayor (...)

lundi 27 juin 2022

  • Comet-NCG – Dayton Hamvention 2022
    2022 saw the return of the Dayton Hamvention and also celebrated the 70th anniversary of the world’s largest ham radio trade show. Ham Radio Outlet went to the show, of course and spoke to many of the vendors. The post Comet-NCG – Dayton Hamvention 2022 appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio (...)

  • West Mountain Radio – Dayton Hamvention 2022
    West Mountain Radio 2022 saw the return of the Dayton Hamvention and also celebrated the 70th anniversary of the world’s largest ham radio trade show. Ham Radio Outlet went to the show, of course and spoke to many of the vendors. In this video, your Ham Radio Sensei, Julian Frost (N3JF) spoke (...)

  • JIANPAI 8R Four Band LED Color Screen VHF/UHF Handheld Radio
    JIANPAI 8R Four Band LED Color Screen VHF/UHF Handheld Radio The post JIANPAI 8R Four Band LED Color Screen VHF/UHF Handheld Radio appeared first on QRZ NOW - Ham Radio News.

  • PrepComm MMX TearDown – Keyboard CW?
    PrepComm MMX TearDown The MMX Multi-band Morse Code Transceiver is the evolution of the DMX-40+ Morse Code Transceiver,and includes the keyboard! It has the same industry-leading decoder, the same high sensitive SDR receiver, 10 frequency memories per band, RPL microprogramming for custom (...)

    For this week’s Something for the Weekend Tony and Richard go out to the park to demonstrate the new portable antenna systems from JPC! Specification POWER 100W WEIGHT 1.8KG FREQUENCY COVERAGE 40m – 6m(7MHZ-50MHZ) CONNECTOR PL259 SWR <1.3 USERMANUAL The post PORTABLE IN UNDER 3 MINUTES? NEW (...)